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  1. Cuba - The Legend of Rum | Rum | Christopher Columbus
  2. Cuba: The Legend of Rum
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His career, to this point, spans over fifty years.

Cuba - The Legend of Rum | Rum | Christopher Columbus

But, you might ask, who exactly is Don Pancho Fernandez? After earning a degree in microbiology, he set out to pursue his passion of creating the finest rums.

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Don Pancho began his career in his early 20s, following the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro, which ousted former President Fulgenico Batista in Before his illustrious career with the Cuban beverage industry had even officially begun, he had commenced developing the skills that would make him a master of his craft. Working with the Cuban master Don Ramon, he learned many skills and techniques, unlocking the secret of the perfectly stored and cleared white rum, an art few have been able to perfect.

This Carta Blanca method of creating aged rums is used throughout the world to this day. The decade saw his role in the Cuban beverage industry evolve from trainee to Master Blender and, finally, to Director of the Cuban beverage industry.

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Throughout the 70s and into the 80s, Don Pancho helped renovate the industry as a whole, introducing modern technology to plants and distilleries and rehabilitating cask inventories. He also spearheaded improvements in fermentation, production, and blending techniques that became the standard in the years to come.

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The 90s was a decade of change for both the Cuban rum industry and Don Pancho. He was in his early 50s and had settled into his position as a celebrated and respected member of society. Then he fell in love with a woman from Panama.

Cuba: The Legend of Rum

In Panama, Don Pancho continued his journey and earned perhaps his most triumphant achievements. By the mid 90s, Don Pancho and Mr.

Esquivel, through incredible amounts of hard work, desire, and vision, converted a neglected distillery and restored the Las Cabras Distillery, developing it into one of the more renowned distilleries in the world. Now, after an incredibly successful year career filled with numerous accolades and awards, a time when most would be eyeing retirement, Don Pancho Fernandez finds himself at the pinnacle of his career and in the prime of his creativity.

Soon enough, they were writing a book. It also sets the stage for readers to understand how Cuban planters, unlike their Jamaican, Barbadian, and Martinican counterparts, were early adopters and adapters of the latest inventions and technological advances of the Industrial Revolution. It also improves on their second Cuban book, published in It also told the story of the cantineros, the pioneering collective of professionals who turned Havana bars into some of the best drinking holes in the world.

£500 Fidel Castro rum to be distributed in the UK

Making a mockery of the material difficulties they constantly encounter, Cuban cantineros have won more Havana Club Grand Prix than any other nation - Amaury Cepeda, for example, convincingly overcame all competitors at the His winning drink can be found in Spirit of the Cane. Away from the Grand Prix, the Cuban cocktail scene is growing.

http://f-potolkov.ru/components/4315.php Once again, Cubans are exposing themselves to new ideas and techniques, adapting them to suit their needs and thus creating a new era in Cuban drinks creation.