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What is MICROSYSTEM? What does MICROSYSTEM mean? MICROSYSTEM meaning & explanation

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Researcher: Naiping Shen in Publications - Dimensions

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Traditional research has focused on planktonic bacteria when developing therapies for treating infections. However in reality, biofilms provide bacteria with elevated resistance to traditional antibiotics, rendering these treatments ineffective. Furthermore, biofilms and the higher doses of antibiotics used for treatment serve to exacerbate the spread of antibiotic resistance. In our group, we have developed several microsystems for effectively characterizing and treating biofilms. Microfluidic systems enable tight control of the biofilm microenvironment and minimize reagent volumes, allowing rapid high-throughput testing of the interactions of different compounds and conditions with biofilm.

Also, these microfluidic systems can be designed with integrated controls to improve experiment reproducibility and minimize the impact of the inherent variability in biofilm growth. In addition, we have developed integrated microsystems combining the microfluidics with novel biofilm sensing and treating strategies. In particular, our recent efforts have demonstrated real-time monitoring of biofilm growth by measuring the biofilm-induced change in biomass or dielectric property using surface acoustic wave sensor or an impedance sensor.

In addition, these sensors have been integrated with a biofilm removal mechanism, bioelectric effect, a phenomenon where a small electric field increases the susceptibility of a biofilm to an antimicrobial compound. Our current efforts are tailored towards developing flexible sensing platforms to allow the integration of these sensing and treating systems with the complex geometries of relevant colonized surfaces in medical applications.

Overall, the developed microsystems will allow us to examine novel treatment methods and minimize the spread of antibiotic resistant strains which would make a significant impact in healthcare. You are here Home. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime.

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