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Former NHL enforcer John Scott managed to escape a horrifying, near-death incident on a lake behind his home in Traverse City, Michigan over the weekend. As the year-old prepared to clear some snow off the lake to make a backyard skating rink for him and his family Sunday, the icy surface gave way and Scott plunged into the freezing water below.

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Luckily, he fell through right next to his dock and was eventually able to pull himself out of the lake, though not without a significant struggle. Scott recounted that struggle in an interview with The Athletic 's Chris Kuc.

Scott estimates that he was in the frigid water for around a minute as one of his shoes and a shovel sunk to the depths of the lake. After pulling himself out of the water, Scott had to gather himself and regroup with his family.

Car Through Ice – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

That's when he realized how lucky he'd gotten. I would have been dead when they got there, you know?

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It's scary to think of that. Scary day at the lake coldtub dodgedabullet happytobealive gaurdianangel. That was enough to scare me away for this winter.

CRAZIEST Ice Fishing Day of my Life!!! (SIGHT-FISHING Through the Ice)

At 6-foot-8 and pounds, Scott was one of the most intimidating and fearsome enforcers in the NHL during his eight-year pro career. He bounced around the league with seven different organizations prior to his retirement in , and he was most known for his toughness and ability to punch people in the face rather than his production on a scoresheet. He had just 11 career points in NHL games. However, he became somewhat of a league darling when he was voted into the All-Star Game by fans in Victims have been known to succumb to hypothermia in as little as 10 to 15 minutes.

If you become hypothermic, you'll probably pass out and subsequently drown.

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How Ice Fishing Works. How to Avoid Hypothermia.

Ice Fishing

What if I were ice fishing and fell through the ice? Fish with a friend - ice fishing alone is never a good idea. Check ahead - be aware of weather and fishing conditions before you embark on your trip Wear a PFD personal flotation device Look for an area with at least 3. Drowning Hypothermia. Up Next " ". How Igloos Work.